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Process Engineer Nantong 2


1、Responsible for the overall process stability of the company's production site, monitoring the SPC&MSA of the mass production line, and ensuring the stability of frontline production;

2、New product and process introduction, project development according to APQP process, production line design and installation debugging coordination work;

3、Optimize and improve existing product process parameters, dynamically adjust manufacturing processes, materials, processes, and auxiliary materials, and achieve lean production;

4、Revision and issuance of process flowcharts, PFMEAs, control plans, and SOPs;

5、Customer OTS and PPAP support;

6、Other tasks arranged by company leaders.


1、Bachelor's degree or above, mechanical design, manufacturing, and automation related majors are preferred;

2、More than 3 years of experience in automotive industry process engineering;

3、Familiar with ITAF16949, VDA6.3, and VDA6.5 system content;

4、Proficient in using daily office software and 2D and 3D drawing software.

Supplier Quality Engineer Nantong 4


1、Establish an industry supplier information resource library, investigate, audit, verify, and identify potential suppliers in accordance with the TS16949 system requirements;

2、Supervise suppliers to carry out daily work in accordance with TS16949 system requirements, ensuring that the manufacturing process of purchased/outsourced parts is controlled at the supplier's site and quality is guaranteed;

3、Selection and evaluation of suppliers, and development and certification of new suppliers with quality, development, procurement and other departments;

4、Supplier performance evaluation and quality improvement promotion;

5、Handle abnormal situations of products or services provided by suppliers;

6、Provide 8D report requirements to suppliers and track the effectiveness of corrective measures, and make claims against suppliers for serious defects;

7、Monthly/annual supplier level evaluation; Timeliness control and improvement effect follow-up of 8D Report;

8、Supplier quality monthly report, FAR report and other information tracking.


1、Bachelor's degree or above;

2、Familiar with the IATF16949 system, and those who have participated in professional training or experience in the automotive electronics industry are preferred;

3、Familiar with commonly used quality tools, such as FEMA, 8D, 5WHY, etc;

4、Familiar with the entire quality management process, with strong communication and coordination skills, initiative, and ability to withstand pressure.

SMT Engineer Nantong 1


1、Receive Gerber documents issued by clients/research institutes, review relevant content; Integrate EQ with PCB factories, convert plate making files, steel mesh files, and other technical documents related to internal SMT work within the company;

2、Prepare relevant process documents such as SMT process flow and SOP;

3、Create a material loading table, edit and create program files for managing various processes on the SMT production line;

4、Debugging and managing SMT production line equipment fixtures, developing equipment maintenance plans and supervising maintenance to ensure smooth production of the production line;

5、Continuously optimizing and improving SMT process technology to increase production line qualification rate and production efficiency;

6、Complete other temporary tasks assigned by superiors.


1、College degree or above, with at least three years of work experience in SMT industry positions;

2、 Master the basic knowledge of the SMT industry;

3、Familiar with basic computer office software (Excel, Word, etc.);

4、Familiar with SMT positioning programming, with priority given to those familiar with Panasonic series SMT machines;

5、Work diligently and meticulously, have a high awareness of quality and teamwork, and obey management.

Customer Quality Engineer Nantong 2


1、Confirm customer quality demands, handle and track issues, and hold regular quality communication meetings with customers for some projects;

2、Responsible for organizing the writing and tracking of customer 8D reports on quality issues;

3、Communicate with customers, organize return analysis of after-sales warranty products, and handle related claims needs;

4、Prepare, coordinate and track customer review work, and implement necessary issues into the process;

5、Summarize customer issues, identify the causes of top defects, and develop corrective and preventive measures;

6、Responsible for coordinating and tracking customer PCN (Product Change Notification);

7、Organizational supervision of the product containment process, which refers to the process of implementing containment measures for inventory, work in progress, and customer products when dealing with changes or issues;

8、Coordinate customer PPAP docking.


1、Education requirements: Bachelor's degree or above;

2、Experience requirements: 3-10 years of work experience, at least 2 years of experience as a customer complaint engineer or quality engineer, with priority given to experience in the electronics industry;

3、Skill requirements: Proficient in 16949 management system and proficient in customer review; Proficient in using quality tools such as 5WHY, QC, and 8D;

4、Other requirements: Strong communication and coordination skills, comprehensive analysis ability, organizational guidance ability, and written expression ability.


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