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The successful installation of ECU for the powertrain project in cooperation between AECS and C*Core accelerates the localization process

2024/01/11 作者:奥易克斯

Recently, Jiangsu Auto Electronic Control System Technology Co., Ltd. (AECS) and C*Core Technology Co., Ltd. (C*Core, stock code 688262. SH) successfully completed an important cooperation project in the field of engine control. As a leading domestic enterprise in engine controllers,AECS keenly grasped the demand for localization of engine controllers, For the first time in the powertrain project undertaken by oneself, a domestically produced automotive electronic MCU - CCFC2017BC engine control MCU chip from C*Core was selected. The chip's functions, performance, and reliability all meet the project requirements well, ensuring the smooth progress of the project. In project development, both parties fully leverage their profound experience and advanced technical capabilities in their respective fields, efficiently promote project implementation, and make every effort to ensure mass supply to the host factory in 2024.

Through this project, both parties have engaged in deep cooperation in the field of engine control. At the same time, AECS will use C*Core's high-performance, multi-core, ASIL-D compliant CCFC3007PT chip in the next generation of high-performance cylinder direct injection engine projects. C*Core will also develop advanced MCU chip products that are more suitable and meet the new generation of powertrain based on the industry cases output by AECS, At the same time, it will help AECS accelerate the pace of localization and product innovation.

CCFC2017BC Chip Introduction: CCFC2017BC, a high-performance and cost-effective powertrain MCU chip independently developed by C*Core, integrates 2.5M Flah and 416KB SRAM on the chip, high-precision timing module etpu, and information security hardware module HSM, meeting the strict requirements of engine controllers.

CCFC3007PT Chip Introduction: A high-performance and cost-effective powertrain MCU chip independently developed by C*Core, which integrates 12M Flah, 1.5M SRAM and other memory, Sigma Delta ADC, high-precision timing module GTM, and information security hardware module HSM, meeting the strict requirements of high-performance engine controllers. The chip adopts a multi-core PowerPC architecture, which meets the functional safety ASIL D level of ISO 26262. It is mainly used in powertrain, chassis controller, power battery controller, and high integration domain controller.

Introduction to AECS: AECS is a technology achievement transformation enterprise of Tsinghua University. It has been awarded the titles of National High tech Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Specialized and Innovative Small and Medium sized Enterprise, Jiangsu Province Potential Unicorn Enterprise, and Suzhou Gazelle Enterprise. Aux's mission is to "break international monopolies and assist Chinese automobiles". We are committed to promoting the import substitution of automotive electronic control systems to the end, while actively developing upstream and promoting the domestic substitution of chips as soon as possible until the "bottleneck" problem is finally solved.

Introduction to C*Core: As a leading chip design enterprise in China, C*Core focuses on the research and development of independent embedded CPUs and chips. It always adheres to the principle of combining "international mainstream compatibility and independent innovation and development", and focuses on the open source "RISC-V instruction set" and "PowerPC instruction set" as the basis. It realizes the complementary advantages of RISC-V and PowerPC open source architectures, mainly applied in information security, automotive electronics, and industrial control Edge computing and network communication are three key areas. Our independent brand chips mainly focus on information security and automotive electronics. In terms of automotive electronic chip products, the company has comprehensively laid out 12 product lines, including automotive body and gateway control chips, powertrain control chips, domain control chips, new energy battery management chips, vehicle networking security chips, digital analog mixed signal chips, active noise reduction dedicated DSP chips, safety airbag chips, wire controlled chassis, instruments, auxiliary driving chips, and intelligent sensing chips, The mid to high end automotive electronic MCU chips are applied in well-known domestic brands such as BYD, SAIC, Changan, Chery, Geely, and Dongfeng. The company has been persistently cultivating in the field of automotive electronics for more than ten years, especially in recent years, adhering to the development strategy of "standing firm" and "covering the sky and earth". The so-called "standing firm" refers to the company's products that have always been positioned as products with high technical barriers and difficult implementation, achieving the same level of product performance as international chip giants, facing competition with international chip giants, and continuously promoting domestic substitution, Focus on filling the gap in domestic automotive electronics products. "Abundant coverage" refers to the company's product line in the field of automotive electronics, especially in the high-end chip fields such as automotive electronics MCU and SoC, covering applications such as automotive electronic body, power, chassis, power battery, cabin, and assisted driving, achieving full serialization and coverage of the product line, effectively enhancing the competitiveness of module manufacturers and whole machine manufacturers' products.



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